May 2022

Smoothie Beach Picnic

Best Smoothies for a relaxing day at a beach picnic

It’s summer time! Time to hit the golden, rolling sand beaches, plan a luxury picnic, and tan in some much needed rays. And while you’re relishing the experience to rejuvenate your body and soul, make sure to treat your digestive system too. Smoothies are an excellent way to treat your body to vital nutrients, even when you’re in full vacation mode.   

Delicious, fruity, sometimes creamy…nothing can really beat the refreshing taste of a smoothie on a warm day. You can even add a punch to your fruit smoothies by adding vegetables like Kale or Spinach to the mixture to give them a super boost in antioxidants, vitamins, and fiber.  And fortunately, they are so easy to make and once you start, you’ll build healthy habits. If a summer bod is part of your goals, then smoothies go a long way in helping you lose weight. Hunger pangs are always a challenge, but a smoothie keeps you feeling full and satiated.  The fiber in the fruits and the vegetables go a long way and helping temper the temptation to eat another meal. 

So without further ado, here are some of my absolute favorite smoothies to partake in at a Los Angeles luxury picnic. 

1) Avocado Almond Smoothie

The AAS as I call it. Ingredients include avocado, almonds, and bananas with a base of either almond or coconut milk. The avocado is brimming in omega-3 fatty acids, vitamin E, B6 and other minerals that help prevent cancer and heart disease. Almonds also contain healthy fats like omega-3 fatty acids, which acts as a prophylaxis against inflammation. Lastly it contains banana which helps sweeten the smoothie as well as provided potassium to prevent bone loss as well as magnesium which helps lower blood pressure levels by relaxing muscles in veins so they don’t constrict blood flow as much. Truly AAS is a powerful smoothie to keep you sharp, alert, and healthy.

2) Citrus-Berry Smoothie

Add some vitamin C to your morning routine with this delicious citrus-berry smoothie. Ingredients include one orange, blueberries,. Greek yogurt, almonds, and some almond milk. It’s quite sweet but packed with a ton of protein from the yogurt to keep you feeling full longer. Plus, the orange and blueberries provide those much needed antioxidants. A great drink to enjoy while being beguiled by the ocean waves while chilling at an LA beach picnic with friends and family.

3) Green Monster Smoothie

Ingredients include Dates, Spinach, almond butter, banana, and coconut milk. This green monster is packed with antioxidants and fiber to keep your digestive system healthy while giving you energy throughout the day. Make sure you microwave the spinach beforehand to ensure it mixes in smoothly. Though, it’s even more healthy if you add raw Spinach, you may find it filled with small Spinach bits which aren’t too everyone’s liking. One or two dates are all it needs to add that extra sweetness to bring this smoothie to the top.  Plus it tastes amazing!

4) Coconut Cashew Smoothie.

Take some cashew milk and add coconut and pineapple for a tropical smoothie out of this world. This is truly the smoothie for the beach and one that will make you believe you’re on an island paradise. Stay feeling full from the fat from the cashew milk. So Creamy!

If you’re in the LA region, you can pair your smoothie at a beach picnic event at a Los Angeles beach. Sure to give you the day of relaxation and recovery your body and mind needs after a hard’s day week. 

So don’t wait. Enjoy the summer, relax, and stay healthy!

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Getting a Dog to Help You With Your Mental Health 

Getting a dog may be the answer you’ve been seeking for if you’re suffering from depression, anxiety, or social anxiety. A dog will not only give you with companionship , but their presence will also motivate you to take walks. You’ll also feel fulfilled if you have a dog since you’ll have someone to talk to when you’re depressed. Dogs, while not for everyone, can have a significant influence on your mental health.

Will inspire you to go for a stroll every day. 

When it comes to walking, getting out of the home in the morning is one of the most difficult challenges to conquer. So, what motivates you to start walking every day? Choose a simple goal, such as walking one mile more every day. Then go one step farther. When you’ve become used to walking, try incorporating small challenges into your routine to make it more fun. Consider going for a long walk by yourself or listening to music. Consider taking a walk with your pals or next-door neighbors. Whatever your reason for walking, keeping to a routine might help you enjoy the experience.

Another obstacle that may be a hindrance is time. Sometimes, you may not feel like stepping out of bed, getting dressed, or making a snack, and then starting your walk. But, if you commit to walking even for just 30 minutes each day, you will likely finish the exercise. The best time to walk is during the morning. Make sure to walk at least 30 minutes before you go to bed to avoid feeling sluggish.

They are there when you’re feeling depressed

Despite the fact that they can’t verbally express their feelings, dogs are still remarkably resilient, and a simple change in environment or socialization can significantly improve a dog’s mood. Interacting with dogs, such as playing tug or having grooming sessions, can make a big difference. Although most dogs will get through a depression without too much trouble, some can suffer from more severe long-term problems. For these dogs, extra support is necessary.

A dog may also become depressed due to major life events. These can range from a death in the family to a house move or big health change. New baby, partner, or pet can also lead to depression. A dog may show signs of depression, which is why it’s important to get a proper diagnosis. While the exact cause of a dog’s depression isn’t always known, there are several causes of depression and how to recognize it in your dog.

Give you a sense of fulfillment

Despite the fact that 98% of pet owners consider their animals part of the family, few people realize that animals can positively impact their mental health. Whether it’s a cat or a dog, cuddling with a pet makes you feel better and increases social fulfillment. Dogs and cats are particularly adorable and can give you a sense of fulfillment just by being around them.

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